About us

About us


하우스엔조이는 주택설계전문회사로서 

전문 디자이너들의 차별화된 설계를 토대로 고객의 상황에 맞는 최적의 건축을 제안해 드립니다.

집에 대한 근본적 가치를 생각하며 주거의 감동을 전하기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다.

건축설계 ㅣ 인테리어설계 ㅣ 건축인허가 ㅣ 디자인 감리

Housenjoy takes great pride in our flexibility and range of skills and abilities including crafting architecture appropriate to its context, collaborating with project team members and creating a unique and strong design presence.  The firm is committed to exploring and improving the guest experience through architecture, design, and planning.


The professional services Housenjoy Architects provides are formulated in the context of what we believe are the four keys to a successful project:

A well-defined scope

Extensive early planning

Good working relationship with client

Good project team chemistry

With these key attributes in place, clients can take confidence in the team’s ability to design and manage every detail of a project, from creating the vision, designing the project, and managing the process to generate inspired design solutions.